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Rare late Ching dynasty bird bathtub
Late Ching with mark Guang Xu Nian Zhi Over Glaze Bird Bathtub



This Bird Bath Tub is even more rare than the bird feeder. This bath tub is painted with flowers, birds and stones. The techniques of painting and writing are very sophisticated; the birds are especially captivating. There is a wooden block covering the original porcelain handle of the bath tub. This is normally used for very valuable bird bath tub. It is not advisable to remove the wooden block. The glaze is almost in perfect condition. There is a mark and period "Guang Xu Nian Zhi"(AD1875-1908), which is written in ancient Chinese characters. Details please refer to photos.

Size: 8.2cm(to handle W) x 2.3cm (H ) Weight : 130g

Price: USD 1,300 + 5% bank charge + transport fee